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Looking to buy your own Humorous and Funny Motivational Poster then you have come to the right place. Here you can access 90 Sexy, Funny, Joke Motivational Posters that are Humorous Spoofs of some all time great Motivational Posters. Plus 100′s of other funny posters.

Greats Like Teamwork, Ambition, Challenge, Success, all spoofs.

A Brief History of Motivational Posters

The first Motivational posters in the form that we all know today started to pop up in the late 1980′s on office walls. They generally had the eye-catching black background, bright white lettering below a deeply inspiring photograph. They became one of the must-have office accessories from 1985, when the company Successories began to sell these posters designed by Mac Anderson.

Successories did not invent anything new; they just invented an old idea in a new way. In the 1970′s, an image of a kitten dangling from a branch with the words “Hang in there, baby!” was a must have for almost every child with posters on their wall.

So why have and use motivational posters? Don’t people get tired of reading the same words and seeing the same image over and over again? Well No. That’s the point. Seeing the same thing over and over again does program the subconscious into remembering the poster’s positive message in times of need or stress.

Books in the 1940′s were already extolling the power of affirmations. They are very short, positive phrases. Sales hand books for salesmen suggested actually writing down positive messages such as a daily sales goal and tacking that up to the bathroom mirror or anywhere it would often be seen.

Where did this idea of affirmations from? It comes from an ancient belief that people have long had that writing is inherently magical. Our ancestors believed that the writing itself was a living thing capable of bringing anything into existence. Jewish mystics who practice the Kabbalah believe that God created the world merely by writing or uttering four letters. We still hold similar beliefs today. A contract isn’t a contract until it’s put down in writing.

Now some posters won’t really do anything for you because the picture or quote doesn’t speak to you, but if you can find a motivation poster that has a picture and a quote that moves you enough to want to take massive action, then you will have in your hands a powerful motivational tool.

When you find a poster that can inspire you and bring you back into place of personal power, then you will see just how powerful these posters can be in assisting you achieve your goals.

Most people don’t really have any goals. They just go through each day aimlessly doing pretty much the same thing they do every day. They don’t have a clearly defined purpose. When you see someone that actually went out and bought a motivational poster to put on their wall, it at least shows that they have some goal they are going after that is big enough where they will need a reminder to not give up when things get tough.

Some people may think these posters are cheesy but what’s cheesier is giving up on your dreams. So many people do this that it’s almost seen as a normal thing. Many people have completely stopped trying at all. They have settled for what they have and just try to go with the flow of things. If you really want to live the life you’ve always wanted then you have to break free from the status quo. You need to step your game up and promise yourself that you will succeed in obtaining your goals no matter how hard it gets.

Now when ever someone does something nice someone else has to make a joke of it. So the funny, anti- motivational or spoof motivational poster is born.

You can still get a good boost from funny motivational posters. With just the right funny but uplifting message, you’ll find that not even stress and frustration can ruin your drive to push forward.

Funny motivational posters can truly make a difference when they are the first things you see. There’s nothing like being reminded everyday that life isn’t just filled with stress and work reports.

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